Bangor Methodist Church

Services are running live and over Zoom on alternate weeks. On weeks with live services a Zoom service is available from Penmaenmawr church. The plan gives details of all the services in the circuit and is here.

The plan for June to August is now available here.


Our temporary minister and the acting circuit superintendent is Rev. David Jones Telephone 01407 831323. Email.

Covid 19 and Safeguarding

Any queries should be directed to Cliff Newman, phone 07932174355.

Church Re-opening

There are services fortnightly in the church, with Zoom services on the alternate weeks. Initially the services in the church will not be on Zoom, but there will be Zoom services from Penmaenmawr on the weeks when there is no Zoom service from St. John's.

Remember that if you want to go to a service in the church you will have to book!

Reading Services

Circuit reading services are prepared and sent out every week via email with St John's notices and from the circuit administrator. A link to this week's service is here: Service for May 2nd. If you would like to receive these by post contact John Nunn.

Zoom Services

You can join these services from a PC, tablet or smartphone with sound and video or from a mobile phone or landline with sound only. Contact details for the services will be sent out with St John's notices in the preceding week. If you have any queries or difficulties please contact Peter Thorpe by email at peter.thorpe@gulmay.com or phone on 01492 623920.

Live plus Zoom Services

Our Sunday morning services were running as "live plus Zoom". These are now running as either live or Zoom only.

Virtual Church Lunches

We cannot currently eat together as we usually did on the first Sunday of the month. However to give people the chance to talk as they would have done at the lunches a virtual lunch runs after the service on the first Sunday of the month. At the end of the service everyone is able to unmute and shortly after that split into groups of about 5 people, using Zoom's breakout rooms feature. These groups are initially random, but people are able to see who is in which group and to move between groups to talk to people they wish to. These groups will run for about an hour, but you are free to leave whenever you like.

Mission Plan

Despite the corona virus our mission plan has been updated. The latest version is available here. Please send comments and suggestions to John Hay.

Read the New Testament in a Year!

At the recent Methodist Conference the "God for All" initiative was launched. It incorporates "A Methodist Way of Life", a plan to help us with personal discipleship. More details of both of these will appear during the year, and John Hughes is launching a circuit initiative to help us to read the bible regularly: "Read the New Testament in a Year". You can find more about it and a reading schedule for the year here.

Wednesday Study Group

The group continues to meet on Wednesday evenings at 7pm via Zoom. All are welcome. See the notices for details. If you want to attend a meeting contact Jean Ware on j.ware@bangor.ac.uk or 01492 623920 to get the Zoom link.

WhatsApp Group

To help people keep in touch there is a WhatsApp group. The group is called "St John's Bangor" and if you would like to join you need to email or text the word "Yes" along with your mobile number to either John Hay or John Nunn. You do need a mobile phone but provided you have one which is connected you can work on your laptop or tablet. This St John's group will only consist of people who attend St John's.


1stThursday06:00pmZoom Service led by Rev. David Jones see above
2ndFriday11:00amZoom Service led by Rev. John Hughes see above
4thSunday10:30amCommunion Service led by Rev. John Hughes see above
11thSunday10:30amZoom Service led by Paul Eckersley see above
18thSunday10:30amZoom Service led by Jean Ware see above
25thSunday10:30amZoom Service led by Richard Butler see above
25thSunday06:00pmZoom Service led by Jean Owen see above
2ndSunday10:30amCommunion Service led by Rev. John Hughes see above
2ndSunday06:00pmCircuit Zoom Service led by Rev. Mike Hall see above
9thSunday10:30amZoom Service led by Rev. David Jones see above
11thTuesday07:00pmChurch Council (over Zoom)
16thSunday10:30amZoom Service led by Julian Bonnebaight see above
23rdSunday10:30amZoom Service led by Jean Owen see above
30thSunday10:30amZoom Service led by Rev RosemaryNunn see above
30thSunday06:00pmZoom Service led by Rev. Mike Hall see above