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Bangor Methodist Church


We meet for worship every Sunday at 10:30am, and on the last Sunday of the month at 06:30pm. As our church is being renovated we are currently meeting in the adjacent church hall.


Our diary of forthcoming events is here.



Our current minister is Rev. John Hughes. You can find out a bit more about him here.

Annual Church Meeting

Once a year the members of the church meet to discuss matters of concern and to appoint members of the Church Council and stewards.

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Church Council

The Church Council is the body which is legally responsible for the running of the church. Some members are the holders of posts in the church and others are elected by church members. It meets about 4 times a year. All members may attend meetings, but only members of the council can vote.

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Stewards are elected by church members to do the day to day running of the church.

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Redevelopment Comittee

This comittee was set up by the Church Council oversee the redevelopment of our church building.

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Church Activities

Church Lunch

Usually on the first Sunday of the month after the morning service there is a free soup and bread and cheese lunch. Everyone is welcome.

Soup Run

Once a week, usually on Saturday evening, a small group visit homeless people in the city with drinks, food and warm clothing.

Listening Ear

Description of activity ...

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We Support

Cathedral Food Bank

There is a box at the back of the church for donations to the food bank run at the cathedral.

Their website is here.

Caffi Deiniol

Caffi Deiniol is a fair price cafe in the Deiniol shopping centre leased by the cathedral and staffed mainly by volunteers, including some of our members. The cafe also gives food to homeless people in Bangor.

Street Pastors

Some of our members act as Street Pastors in the Bangor team. The church also gives some financial support.

The Christmas Shoebox Appeal run by Teams4U

Michael and Jackie Cooper coordinate this.

? Other things the church supports ?

Church Groups

Groups within the church meet for a variety of purposes. Some of these are:

Bangor Methodist Collective

We are a welcoming group centred around student fellowship. We meet every Friday from 6pm, at The Japanese Institute (opposite St John's Church), to talk about faith, watch movies, play games and generally have fun. All are welcome and most importantly there is a free food at every event. Keep up to date with our events on our Facebook page @BangorMethodistCollective. For any queries please contact Izzy, the student worker, at


Peter has used the program they sent to produce a web page: he hopes they like it and that it gives some idea of how the website might work.

Everyone Welcome On (alternate) Tuesdays. More details here.

Singing for Fun

Meets on Tuesday evenings.

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Wednesday Discussion Group

Meets on alternate Wednesday evenings in members' houses.

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Prayer Group

Meets between 10 and 11 a.m. almost every Friday to pray for St. John's church, its people, its activities and its ministry. Contact Jean Owen.

? Other Church Groups ?

Users of our Premises

A number of groups from outside the church use our premises on a regular basis. These include:


Leader Sharyn Williams email:

7th City of Bangor St John's Scout Group

The group includes Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. The Group Scout Leader is Iorwerth Michael email:

Explorer Scouts

Leader Rob Hughes

Bangor Indian Catholic Association

If anyone from these groups (or other groups we have not listed) would like to contact us we will add a brief description, a contact and a link to your own web page.

Early History of St. John's church