The EWOT (Everyone Welcome On (alternate) Tuesdays) group meets on Tuesday afternoons, usually at 2 for 2:30..


Chairperson:Mrs. Ellie JonesTel. 600458
Treasurer:Margaret JonesTel. 362714
Birthday Sec:Mrs. Sue Hardy
Programme Sec:Mrs. Jean OwenTel. 364966

Program 2020

7thJacksons'More of visit to the Holy Land.
21stCapel ZincFlexercise with Lorna - 'in the blue'.
4thNunns'John Nunn - Leonardo da.Vinci's last supper.
18thMargaret Jones'sJennifer Roberts - Work with young people.
3rdAmlwch churchKeith Alexander - A little Astronomy.
17thTBAParty with Jean Owen.
31stChurch HallRev. John Hughes.

Fellowship Prayer

Almighty God, You have called us to Your service in Christ Jesus.

We pray Father, that all who are members of this Fellowship, may be living members of His Body. That by our hands His touch may heal the world's wounds, and by our lips His words of strength and comfort may be spoken.

May our fellowship be as a city set on a hill, that cannot be hid, and our light so shine, that those who see may glorify our Father in Heaven.